Here are some of family Links

Elie Patan domain website:  
NEW Family genealogic tree:           
Elie Patan personal family site:
Old geno family tree:        
Yossi Gal family                
Tamir Gal site:                  
Ronit Savdie                      
Soly Savdie (Egide)          
Hayim Ravia law site           
Soly (Shaul) and Bev Abada (LosAngeles) 

Test site of  "Union des Juifs d'Egypte en Israel". (Tel-Aviv) 
Michele Bonan wedding sites:

  Some more links
Hayim Ravia (India photos)                             
Bat Mitzva Gal Ravia
Bar Mitzva Itay Ravia                                    
70 Birthday photos - Miriam (Mimi) Ravia
Andre Martins de Barros.                       
Le site de Fanny Martins de Barros     
David Remnant wedding site:         
Idris Remnant birth pictures site:  
Fiona and Sam's Sri Lankan Wedding:

  Links to some interesting Egyptian and Jewish sites. 
    Some interesting Jewish sites